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New Advancements With Little Downtime

Do you want to look younger but don’t want to deal with the cost and downtime associated with a traditional facelift? If so, Silhouette thread lifts in Philadelphia provide an attractive alternative. The staff at the Dermatologic SurgiCenter can perform this procedure in approximately one hour without a long recovery time required. Best of all, you get the same professional results.

It’s normal for the supportive structure of your face to weaken as you get older, which in turn causes you to lose facial fullness. The most commonly affected areas include the jowls, neck, eyebrows, other areas around the eyes, and the cheeks. Some of the specific issues you can address with this procedure include:

  • Increased jaw prominence
  • Mid-face sagging
  • Bags under the eyes
  • Sagging on the neck and jowls

With the Silhouette thread lift, you don’t have to grow old gracefully nor do you have to spend a lot of time and money pursuing plastic surgery. It’s a simple way to lift the jowls and recapture the appearance of your youth.

What to expect during a thread facelift

During a thread lift procedure, one of our physicians inserts barbed sutures called threads into the area receiving treatment. He uses a thin needle to place the threads underneath your facial tissues. The barbs located on one end of the thread lift sagging tissue while the teeth located on the opposite end anchor your skin to the facial tissues located just below the surface. The results of a thread lift are long-lasting and it doesn’t leave you with a scar. Your provider may use as few as two threads, or several more, depending on your treatment goals.

You may experience numbness in the treated area, but this should go away shortly. We minimize discomfort by providing you with local anesthesia. Most people can resume all normal activities by the next day. Please contact us to learn more about how you can enjoy the benefits of a facelift without having to undergo invasive surgery and devote time to recovery.